Neovet 30%


Each 1 g contains:

Neomycin sulphate 300 mg

Poultry, Turkeys and Ducks:

Bacterial enteritis due to Salmonella, E.coli, Blue comb (Mud-fever), and Black Head disease (Histomoniasis).


Lambs, Kids, Calves and Equines:

Scours, Bloody diarrhea, Winter dysentery, Vibrionic dysentery, Enterotoxaemia (Clostridia) in Lambs and Kids.


Alleviation of the disturbances and irritation of the intestines due to the different infections (Coccidia, Gumboro, Fungi, etc...).

Poultry, Turkeys and Ducks:

65 g / 200 litres of water for 3-5 days.


Lambs, Kids, Calves and Equines:

2 g / 50 kg bodyweight daily orally with water for 5 days.


Per ton of feed: 2 kg.

In severe cases, double the dose during the first 2 days, then continue treatment with the ordinary dosage.


Broiler: 7 days.

Layers, Turkeys and Ducks: 14 days.

Lambs and Kids: 14 days.

Calves: 30 days.

Store at a temperature below 30ºC.