Each 1 g contains:

Ampicillin  Trihydrate        200 mg   

Colistin (as sulphate)        500,000 IU

Used in cases of bacterial infections caused by gram positive and gram negative bacteria as :

Poultry : streptococcus ,staphylococcus ,corynebacterium ,clostridia , klebsilla, salmonella, proteus, brucella, spirochete and E.coli .

Calves : used for the treatment of pneumonia, arthritis, bacterial scour, omphalitis, navel diseases and omphalophlebitis.

Poultry : 1g per 2-4 liters of drinking water for 4-5 days .

 Calves: 1 g per 10 kg bodyweight in drinking water every 6-12 hours for 4 days

Do not use for ruminating calves.

Calve's  and poultry's  meat should not be used during treatment and within 5 days from the last treatment .


Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 30 ˚C.