Amoxivet 20%


Each 1 g contains : 

Amoxicillin  ( As Trihydrate )    200 mg 

Board spectrum antibiotics , acts actively against gram-negative and gram- positive bacteria used for treatment of infection caused by  Amoxicillin sensitive germs in poultry and calves and  for the treatment of  respiratory , urinary and gastrointestinal  infections.

Amoxivet 20% is administered orally with feed or drinking water :

Calves: 400 mg active ingredient / 45.5 kg body weight ( 2g Amoxivet 20 % / 45.5 kg body weight ) twice  daily by mixing with milk or milk replacer 3 - 5 days.

Poultry: 70 mg Amoxivet 20% /kg body weight /day for 5 days.


In case of administration in the drinking water, the total amount of Amoxivet 20 % required

for the treatment of the whole group for one day, can be calculated as follows:


Dose Amoxivet 20% (mg/kg) x average bodyweight  (kg) x number of animals/1000 = gram required per day



The amount required for 1000 liters of drinking water can be calculated as follows :

Dose Amoxivet 20% (mg/kg) x average bodyweight (kg) x number of animals/ Total water intake per day in liters =  gram per 1000 Liters



The calculated amount has to be mixed homogeneously in 10 liters of drinking water. 

Then add to an amount of water that will be taken in completely  within 2 hours by poultry, up to a maximum of one ‘light-day’. Provide non-medicated water for the rest of the day. The unused medicated water should be replaced after 12 hours.

For poultry the total daily dose can be administered in a portion to be consumed

within 2 hours. Poultry should be withheld from drinking water 2 hours before the

administration of medicated water.


  Do not use in animals with known hypersensitivity to Penicillins and Cephalosporine   .

  Do not use for ruminating calves .

  Do not use for  rodent .

Slaughter :    Calves :5 days         Poultry : 1 days       

Egg : 0 days .

Store in a dry and dark place , at temperature below  30˚C.